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    Community Awareness

Our Support in the Community

Here at Upper Crust Bakery, we consider ourselves a family. When we use the term family, we think of the many individuals who have worked here over the course of the many years we’ve been established, but most importantly we think of the individuals that are a part of the Community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Each and every employee here at Upper Crust Bakery is a member of our family. Whether they have been with us since day 1, or they began working with us yesterday, they are a part of what we are building. Along with our growth internally in the business field, comes a responsibility to support those who live and work in this Community to help support them, and their families.

The Community that surrounds Upper Crust Bakery is one that we consider our “own backyard”, meaning we treat it with respect, honor, dignity, and love. We want to see each and every employee that works with us know they have an opportunity to build a home here at Upper Crust and build this Community so they can build a better future for themselves.

Dedication to Philanthropy

Part of being successful and growing means giving back to those less fortunate. For many years, Upper Crust Bakery would host all 400+ Employees on Thanksgiving and provide them with a home cooked meal that they may not be able to provide to their families. However, as years have passed these individuals have taken on families of their own, and this tradition continues to live on within in Upper Crust Bakery’s history of giving back.

However, we aren’t limited to giving back our employees only. We are committed the many organizations across the State of Arizona that we take great pride in committing ourselves yearly to donate our time, effort, support, awareness, and more.

Some of the organizations we have had the pleasure working with over the years are the following:

Community Awareness

Throughout the years, Upper Crust Bakery has been taken pride in being involved in the community through donations and through personal interaction as well.

Shaw Elementary School

Shaw Elementary School

Since 1997 Upper Crust Bakery has sponsored the second grade classes at Shaw Elementary School, located in Downtown Phoenix. Upper Crust’s sponsorship has helped with funding supplies, field trips and monthly activities for its students. On a monthly basis, staff members have gone to the school to participate in birthday celebrations and other special occasions, helping to raise the spirits of children and to promote education and its importance.

Upper Crust Bakery has also participated in a wide array of charitable activities including host Marriott’s Annual Sky Harbor Invitational benefiting Phoenix Children’s Hospital and other various Phoenix Children’s charities and activities benefiting Arizona State University. For a number of years we have also been a supporter of the Child Crisis Center of the West and East Valley.

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Child Crisis Center