• Mini-Lemon Bites

Mini-Lemon Bites

When you think of Upper Crust Bakery, you think innovation. Upper Crust Bakery was the first Manufacturer to bring this item to the marketplace over 7 years ago and it has become a phenomenon.

Mini-Lemon Bites Mini-Lemon Bites

Our Mini-Lemon Bites are a decadent Lemon Cake, enrobed with our Signature Lemon icing and accented with a White fondant Drizzle. To say this item is anything short of amazing, would do it injustice. One of our top sellers worldwide, the Mini-Lemon Bite is made with real Lemon Juice, Lemon Oil, and Lemon Zest, giving you a refreshing taste of Spring and Summer all year round.

Mini-Triple Chocolate Bites

Mini-Triple Chocolate Bites Mini-Triple Chocolate Bites

Now this is a WOW item, made for all occasions but especially made for occasions designed to wow your guests. Our Mini-Triple Chocolate Bites are a moist chocolate cake, enrobed in chocolate icing with a white chocolate fondant drizzle. And get this! We can even make them Triple-Chocolate Raspberry Bites! And add a little zing to your next bite!

Mini-Gingerbread Bites

Mini-Gingerbread Bites

Upper Crust Bakery’s Signature Mini-Gingerbread Bites. We all know around the holiday season that gingerbread cookies get a little boring, and sometimes we even eat the gingerbread house we make. But, one thing is for sure, you will absolutely love and indulge in these Mini-Gingerbread Bites made with the finest ingredients. Think of it as a cookie, but a cake – and who doesn’t like cake?

Mini-Bite Variety Packs

Mini-Bite Variety Packs Mini-Bite Variety Packs

Upper Crust Bakery likes to tempt you with the best of both worlds. Now we already told you about the amazing sensation that comes with our Gingerbread Cake Bites, and this simply combines the best of both worlds. Now, this offers a little bit of a sweeter twist as we’ve added a sugar fondant drizzle on top of the Gingerbread to really bring home the “Gingerbread House” concept to your kitchen or party!

Signature Blueberry Muffins

Signature Blueberry Muffins

Now! What Bakery wouldn’t be complete with the world’s most popular muffin!? Well here it is, Upper Crust Bakery’s signature blueberry muffin. Now, you’ll notice we added no muffin liner because we at Upper Crust feel the muffin liner is a little out of date, and being a leader in innovation – we thought, less liner, more Blueberries! Good for all occasions, especially with breakfast – but don’t fight the urge to have one at night either. I know we don't!

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