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Located in Phoenix Arizona

Upper Crust Bakery-Phoenix Arizona

Upper Crust Bakery enjoys our ability to produce our high end, top quality, specialty items in our newly expanded 175,000 square foot state of the art facility currently certified by the GFSI under SQF Level 3 with an outstanding score of 100/100, two years running. We are also approved by AIB, Silliker, OHSA, and many other Food Governing Bodies to ensure the highest quality and safety. Currently, Upper Crust is expanding our facility to really take the Bakery world by storm. Not just under one roof, but several. The production maintained in this facility is not only hand-made as well as automated, but it requires a unique group of experts to help create the custom look for an even more enticing product, with great value.

Upper Crust Bakery is continuously innovating and working with fresh ideas, to add new products that are both fresh, and frozen. Guaranteed with our signature boutique taste, quality, safety, and value. We have assembled the best Quality Assurance team and Laboratory, along with the top Research Development Facilities “in house” to bring forth the continual development of our unique products and secret recipes!

Hand  Finished  Products

Hand-Finished Products

Our goal at Upper Crust Bakery is to continue providing our customers the highest level of Taste, Quality, Safety and Value. As our customer base continues to grow, so does our business and service. Our Customers are our top priority. Your happiness and satisfaction is what we hope to achieve in every bite you take.

Our Fleet

Upper Crust Bakery Fleet

It’s no secret that Upper Crust Bakery is committed to quality, and with that quality comes our impressive fleet of trucks that deliver “Freshness to your Fingertips” on a daily basis across the Country. So when you see our Cinnamon Roll’s “Rollin” down the street, go ahead and make a quick stop, safely wave to our driver, and ask him to point you to the nearest destination to fill that craving your sweet tooth just received on the way to the office, work, home, or a family members house.

Upper Crust Bakery Fleet