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Consumers and Customers are always asking our team of Sales representatives and Food Science Division, What’s trending? What’s new and exciting in the Bakery world? And it’s quite simple.

You hear it every day on the news, or on your drive home, or even when you visit your local wholesale or retail market. The big trends in the Bakery world are centered around health. As we all know, Bakery items such as ours are decadent, indulging items that are used for all occasions. Whether its with your morning cup of tea or coffee, for an event, a Holiday, or simply as a gift.

As a leader in innovation we see the following trends beginning to take shape, which means, Upper Crust is beginning to take action to provide these items to you. More and more consumers want to purchase products that they feel will satisfy their sweet tooth, but not increase their waist size. As we continue to develop these items, we will update this page more frequently with items that are brand new to the Market that do just that. We want to provide families the comfort of knowing the Morning Pastry, Dessert, or Cake they are eating is made with ingredients that are derived from the following ideology:


What does this mean? Non-Genetically Modified ingredients. Why is this such a trend these days? Due to the advances in modern science and micro-biology, manufacturers of these ingredients are able to bread ingredients such as Soy, Nuts, Flour, and more to genetically increase their growth in production to meet demand. This comes with the usage of micro-biological technology that enhances the rawest form of the ingredient to produce faster and taste better. Its most common in meat products, but don’t be fooled, it exists in the Bakery world as well.


The All-Natural trend is one that has been around for ages, and every item Upper Crust produces the Old Fashioned way, is also produced and developed using All-Natural ingredients. Now, this differs from Non-GMO in certain aspects of the Ingredient world, but nonetheless be on the lookout for the increased amount of All-Natural items available in all retail and wholesale channels.

Some of the alternatives to many of the ingredients you are familiar with such as Soy Oil, and Sugar, are now being replaced with Natural Non-GMO coconut Oil, And Agave syrup. Both of which are two HEADLINE ingredients you will continue to hear about.

As we develop more and more of these items, we will update this page with new and exciting items that fit these trends. However, we wont limit ourselves to just the these items. Upper Crust Bakery is known for developing new and trendy items that you wouldn’t and couldn’t believe would ever be a Bakery item.

Stay Tuned!