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Baking Since 1980

Baking Since 1980

Established in 1980, Upper Crust Bakery began as a commissary bakery for “The Big 4”, here in Arizona under the prestigious Oscar Taylor Boutique and Brand Since its establishment, We have grown into a National and International Brand recognized as a specialty bakery. Our product line encompasses many different baked goods ranging from, Breads, Morning Pastries, Cakes, Croissants, Muffins, Mini-Muffins, select Artisan Danish, and of course or world renowned Mini-Cinnamon Rolls, Mini-Lemon Bites, Sliced Loaf Cakes and Scones.

United General Bakery Inc. acquired Upper Crust Bakery in April 2001. Continuing to do business as Upper Crust Bakery. The goal of our organization is to produce the highest quality products, with the best taste, quality and value while continuing to the develop up-scale items for both existing and future customers, in areas such as Food Service, Wholesale Markets, and Retail Markets Worldwide.

Tab Navidi, our President and Chief Executive Officer, whom you had a chance to hear from earlier, brings over 40+ years of bakery experience to Upper Crust Bakery. Mr. Navidi is also the mind and pioneer behind the ‘fresh’ breakfast and pastry program developed in the Wholesale market over 12 years ago. With his leadership, knowledge and creativity, he has revolutionized the way “Bakery” is viewed in today’s marketplace. Partnered with his successor and son, Alex Navidi, as well as his team of Food Science experts, Innovators, and Quality focused individuals, Upper Crust Bakery is ready to take on the next 40 years with the same quality and passion.

The Future of Upper Crust Bakery

Upper Crust Bakery Future

The future looks very exciting for Upper Crust Bakery. Upper Crust Bakery moved into a new 132,000 square foot facility in September of 2002. Recently this has been newly expanded to 175,000 square feet. Our new facility is state of the art and will improve the overall flow of our production. Many lines will be automated to help create a custom look product at an even more competitive price. Upper Crust Bakery is continually looking to add new items, both fresh and frozen with consistency and quality. In addition, the new facility will have a new state of the art Research and Development facility as well as a Quality Assurance laboratory to ensure that we continue to develop and produce the best products available.

The goal at Upper Crust Bakery is to continue to give our customers the highest quality specialty items they need at a competitive price. Our business grows as our customer’s business grows, and helping make that happen is a top priority at Upper Crust.