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Our Commitment To Quality

As described in our Company Overview Section, our Commitment to Quality is second to none. We take great pride in the items develop, and produce.

Upper Crust Bakery is considered one of the leading innovators Nationally and Internationally with regards to developing new concepts, new ideas, and executed them at the highest level of quality and presentation.

We pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to develop and produce our various products. Upper Crust Bakery will never yield to the ever-evolving commodity market to simply “gain business”. That is not our style, and that is a part of our core values and beliefs.

We believe in using real butter, the finest cinnamon, and the best ingredients that range from Crème Cake’s, to Sugar, Nuts, and so much more.

When we use the term “A Boutique Amongst Manufacturers”, it’s primarily centered around the ideology that the item you have purchase from us, or chose indulge in, is one that you are proud to eat, and come back for a second or third helping. The beauty of this concept is that many of our competitors, who do a fine job, chose to go as the market goes, where Upper Crust remains steady with a commitment to never change how we approach the Quality, Safety, and Ingredients we use to produce each and every item to truly bring Freshness at your Fingertips.

The key to our success is our solution-oriented approach to baking. We help you stand out in your market by blending our knowledge and creative ideas with your quality name.

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