• Upper Crust Bakery Company
    Company Overview

Mission Statement

To Build and maintain a business that is prosperous, and fun for everyone involved in its steady growth and innovation. Each of us are consumers, and at Upper Crust Bakery it is our Goal to make sure each and every member of our team has a hand in developing the wonderful items you find in the Marketplace.

Policy Statement

Upper Crust Bakery is dedicated to excellence in the areas of food safety and quality. Excellence is achieved by following our SQF System, HACCP Plan, Food Quality Program, Sanitation Programs, and other prerequisite programs. Quality includes exceptional customer relations, demonstrative product quality, quality systems, employing continuous improvement, and a review of our Food Safety and Quality Programs to improve our process. Upper Crust Bakery develops long term partnerships with our customers by ensuring we deliver the highest quality product with the best customer service. We continually strive to satisfy the needs and requirements of each individual customer through production of safe and legal food products produced in compliance with all regulatory standards.

Our Vision

To continuously structure Upper Crust Bakery and its high class, high quality items, so all team members are involved, thrive and participate in key decision making. As consumers, their effect and input from all walks of life will help our development of and workflow, while taking direct ownership and pride in everyday challenges and assignments. As we do this, satisfied customers, company growth, and profitability will continue to be the end result. Not to mention many delicious treats!

Our main goal is to provide quality upscale baked goods for customers in the foodservice, club, store, airline, and retail private label sectors. We want to be the “Go-to-guys.”

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